A phobia is an irrational fear of something which causes an extreme reaction.

For example we've all known someone who reacts to a small spider as if it may excrete a poisonous venom.

If a fear or phobia is stopping you doing the things you want to in life.  For example a fear of flying stopping you from going on a holiday of a lifetime. Then hypnotherapy can probably help.

As the phobic reaction is stored as a template in the subconscious mind Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help by replacing that template with one you'd prefer, for example feeling calm, relaxed and happy when you get on a plane instead of anxious.

The process does not need you to talk extensively about your fear or relive the feelings as some therapies may.  In this way it gives a gentle solution to the issue based on the science around how we learn to respond to experiences.

See the customer review to understand how one of my my clients with a fear of getting water on his face overcame his fear in three easy sessions.

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