What customers would tell you about my approach to therapy

Read below what three customers said when I asked them if they would write a few sentences to tell others about their experience of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy with me.

Treatment for phobia of water

"I approached Tracy to ask about a phobia I had with water and she said she could help.  

In a relaxing and peaceful setting she explained how she would go about this using relaxation and hypnotherapy techniques.

In three sessions she taught me how to relax, rewound my brain and then reprogrammed it.

I then went to my local pool and found most of my phobia eliminated and I could confidently put my head under water and can now swim a little and improving with each session.

I'm relaxed and confident in the water and am using the relaxation techniques in every day life."


Treatment for anxiety and insomnia

"I was introduced to Tracy as I wasn't sleeping well, was feeling very anxious and had recently lost my father. 

I attended my first appointment with an open mind and Tracy explained how my brain was dealing with my issues and how she could help and help she certainly did. 

After the  first visit I noticed many positive changes including the ability to sleep better.  After 5 visits I am sleeping brilliantly and feel much less anxious about everything and can now remember my father very fondly without it distressing me too much.

I would certainly recommend giving hypnotherapy a chance and put your faith in Tracy."

Treatment for insomnia and lack of confidence

"Having hypnotherapy with Tracy has made such a positive difference to my life. 

I no longer struggle with insomnia and have found the relaxation techniques to be invaluable when I have been away from home overnight.

I feel much more confident about changes to my working life and it has instilled in me that I make valuable contributions.

Where I once felt anxious about my future career plans, I now feel confident and prepared." 

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